• 08/27/2020 11:56 AM | Brad Maenner (Administrator)

    NAFIC recently hosted Stephanie Rivas on a webinar titled, High Touch Ways to Grow your Business. Stephanie has been a leading manager at Prudential and has received numerous awards as well as being a supporter for the industry.  Here are my five favorite takeaways:

    Holiday Center Piece Idea – When the holidays roll around, look at buying those special clients a centerpiece for their table. Not only do you make that client feel special but when other family members comment on it, they may start a conversation about how great you are and pass on your name.

    Send a Holiday card that makes you stand out!

    Off Holiday Cards – We all expect those holiday cards to start rolling in as December comes around. This year to make yourself stand out, send a card for a different holiday. Try a Halloween or Thanksgiving card, or maybe even Arbor day!

    Valentine’s Day Surprise – For those who may have recently lost a spouse, that first Valentine’s Day can be a hard one. Think of a way to surprise that person with a lunch or gift to make sure they know someone’s thinking of them.

    Be the Connector – when you’re attending a holiday party or networking event, act as though you are the host and it’s your party. Move around the party connecting people that you have met or know with others. Not only does it paint you in a positive light but it helps make the party comfortable for everyone there. 

    Next Generation – Statistics show that the adult children of your clients, will most likely not keep you as a financial advisor. Now this doesn’t work for all families, but ask the simple question, “What have you done to involve your children in your financial planning?”   This may lead to a meeting where you can be introduced to other members of the family that can use your expertise. 

    With webinars being a main source of information from experts these days, we are starting to learn more about how to utilize them better. That’s why if you found it hard to stay focused or couldn’t get connected in time, NAFIC recorded it.  If you want to hear more of Stephanie's ideas, we recommend that you watch the video of her webinar on our member web page: https://www.nafic.org/Member-Access

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